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Product Description

Tough, brazen and uncompromising – that’s the spirit and the promise of the GEOLANDAR M/T+. One look confirms that this tire,
created with the latest technological advances, is designed to challenge and overcome all extremes. From dunes to riverbeds,
rocky terrain to the asphalt jungle, the GEOLANDAR M/T+ provides unprecedented grip and incredible strength. It’s a tire that
demands to be put through its paces, so if you have the heart, M/T+ has the guts. Be bold. Define rugged on your own terms.

Progressive Powerful Shoulder
Designed for high performance and maximum visual impact, the GEOLANDAR M/T+’s shoulder wall is buttressed with massive side protectors, which enhance durability to cuts and chipping while helping to disperse accumulations of mud and dirt.

Dual Protect Bars
New dual protect bars have been added to enhance cut and puncture resistance. The GEOLANDAR M/T+ is thus particularly well-equipped to deflect lateral impacts when conditions are extreme.*
*No Upper Protect Bars on white lettered tires

Twin Cut Grooves
Mud and dirt dispersion is not an issue thanks to the extra grooves added to blocks near the shoulder of the M/T+. Strengthening grip and stability, the twin cut groove design also enhances traction for even better overall control.

Compatible Compound
The GEOLANDAR M/T+’s tread compound broadens the capability of the M/T+’s performance in terms of stability and riding comfort, strengthening its anti-wear properties on-road, whilst bolstering anti-chipping characteristics off-road.


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