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Uneven tire wear reduces the useful life of tires.

Center wear

Wear at the center of the tread caused by too high air pressure

Shoulder wear

Wear on the outer edges or shoulders caused by insufficient air pressure

One-sided wear

Heavy vehicles such as minivans are more likely to cause tire wear on one side

Normally, front tires wear out quickly when tires are not rotated.

Tire rotation is recommended on a regular basis (roughly every 5,000-7,000km).

General method of rotation

Early adjustment is recommended when tire wear is caused by misalignment.

Early tire replacement is recommended when tires are reaching advanced stages of wear.

Benefits of tire rotation

・Prevention of uneven tire wear

・Extension of useful life of tires

・Consistent level of tire wear

*Front tires of FWD vehicles wear out more quickly than rear tires since front tires serve both as driving and steering wheels.