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Safe Driving In Wet

Positioning map: Explanation of indicators

Horizontal axis
Comfort: means "higher comfort performance".
Sporty: means "higher athletic performance".

Vertical axis
Premium: Means “higher added value”.

A BluEarth grand touring tyre tuned for CUVs & MPVs BluEarth RV-02

Superior Performance
  • performanceFuel Saving
  • performanceSilence
  • performanceHandling
  • performanceWet
  • performanceComfort
  • performanceMileage
  • 16inch
  • 17inch
Suitable Vehicle Types
  • Compact SUV / MPVCompact SUV / MPV
BluEarth RV-02

Extreme Grip with environmental performance BluEarth AE50

Superior Performance
  • 14inch
  • 15inch
  • 16inch
  • 17inch
  • 18inch
Suitable Vehicle Types
BluEarth AE50