A BluEarth grand touring tyre tuned for CUVs & MPVs

Pattern Number:RV02

Superior Performance
  • product featureWet
  • product featureDry
  • product featureSilence
  • product featureComfort
  • product featureHigh Grip
  • product featureHigh Speed
  • product featureHandling
  • product featureFor India
  • product featureAsymmetric
  • product featureDirectional
  • product featureMud
  • product featureDirt
  • product featureOn Road
  • product featurecsvs
  • product featureFuel Saving
  • product featureMileage
  • product featureStrength
  • 24inch
  • 23inch
  • 22inch
  • 21inch
  • 20inch
  • 19inch
  • 18inch
  • 17inch
  • 16inch
  • 15inch
  • 14inch
  • 13inch
  • 12inch
  • 11inch
  • 10inch
  • 25inch
Suitable Vehicle Types
  • SportsSports
  • CompactCompact
  • SedanSedan
  • Compact SUV / MPVCompact SUV / MPV

Anti-wobble and low noise

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Exclusively developed asymmetric pattern.

Anti-wobble and low noise Exclusively developed asymmetric pattern.

ATwin Power Ribs
■ Provides highly stable handling
■ Diagonally cut grooves improve water-drainage performance
BPower Inside Shoulder
■ Provides highly stable handling
■ Reduces uneven wear
CFour Straight Grooves
■ Improve straight-line driving stability
■ Excellent hydroplaning resistance
DGrand Silent Shoulder
■ Designed with noise-suppressing grooves
■ Reduces uneven wear and wobbling
E3D Sipes
■ Two types of differently shaped sipes disperse tyre noise
■ Reduces uneven tread wear
FSilent Edge Grooves
■ Grooves cut into the inner sides of the ribs reduce the pass by noise

Dimple and smooth shoulder design

Anti-uneven wear

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Mound Profile

[Our standard tyres]
pressure is applied dispropor-tionately to both sides of the ribs, which leads to uneven wear.
[BluEarth RV-02]
evenly distributed contact pressure helps prevent uneven wear.

Image:[Our standard tyres][BluEarth RV-02]

  • Image:Cornering
  • Image:Lowered
  • 1Before contact
  • 2During contact
  • 3Treads
  • 4Road surface

Excellent wet performance

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Nano-blend rubber designed specially for BluEarth RV-02 tyres (simulated image showing molecular structure)

Double Silica
Two types of silica are used: silica to enhance braking performance on wet surfaces, and silica to improve fuel efficiency.
Blend Polymer
A multiple-polymer blend is used in pursuit of improved braking on wet surfaces, lower fuel consumption and increased wear resistance.

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